How can digital presence help in business expansion? What are the ways digital presence is possible?

Digital presence is one of the means of business expansion nowadays. Before understanding how a digital presence can help a business expand, it is important to understand how businesses used to expand. Let's take a look at an example.

Example :You have opened a new grocery store in a neighborhood. The current customers of that shop are all the people of that neighborhood. You find that people in 80 households in that neighborhood regularly buy from your store. But since people outside that neighborhood don't know about your shop, the regular customers are no more than 80 houses and your income is fixed at one place.

Then you hire a person and start advertising about your shop in the nearby 2 3 neighborhoods. As a result, the number of regular customers of the shop increased slightly and it reached 100. After a few days you again find that the number of buyers has settled down again and you start promoting to more distant neighborhoods by adopting the previous approach. In this way you have promoted the shop far and wide. But after a while, he stopped advertising since the expenditure of advertising exceeded the profits, and it was also waste of time. So when you stop promoting your income stagnates.

So the business became geographically confined.

The most important reason for any business to have a digital presence is to overcome these geographical limitations. A digital presence enables any business to expand globally while remaining in one location. Digital presence can take many forms.

Example -

  • Digital presence is possible through own website.
  • Digital presence is possible by creating accounts on various social media.
  • Digital presence is possible through many forms of internet promotion.
  • By extensively discussing your company on other websites, you may create a digital footprint.

Carefully considered efforts must be taken to extend various business models digitally.