Consultation is not employment. It is a responsibility.

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Analyzing your business for the best technologies while keeping your budget in mind.

Tech Talk Square will comprehend and accurately evaluate your needs in order to assist you in producing technical documentation.

We're here to assist you in creating the scope of work, analyzing the time and cost estimates, segmenting the work into manageable tasks, and overseeing the project until it's finished and verified.


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Common activity that everyone experiences

In the 21st century, modern businesses are all reliant on modern technology. Different technologies help different firms thrive in different ways. When you have a requirement, you usually perform the following steps to fulfill it.

  • You do your best to comprehend the entire situation.
  • You gained some understanding and knowledge with the aid of your acquaintances.
  • You get in touch with a company that performs the work as per your specifications, provides you with the necessary training, and you begin utilizing it.
The majority of the time, it is discovered that as time goes on, your comprehension changes and you learn a lot of unknown facts.

The biggest issue that everyone is dealing with is that

  • Expense keep rising
  • Time keeps increasing
  • Processes get more complicated

The majority of the time, you have to lower demand or temporarily or permanently halt the activity as a result of time and expense rise. Before starting work, having a thorough understanding of these unknown factors can help you determine the cost precisely.

We are responsible for providing consultation prior to commencing work.

We can help you throughout the entire process in several various ways. We can comprehend your requirements and thoroughly examine them from a technical standpoint. The technologies that best satisfy your requirements are those we can tell you about. We Can provide you with an estimate of the cost and time required to implement that technology. If the requirement is really large and the cost is high, we can assist you in determining how to divide the demand into smaller pieces and determining the cost and time for the smaller parts to meet your entire requirement.

Frequently asked questions

While you are considering whether you need a consultant, a few significant questions may come up.

  • What is the Scope Of Work (SOW)?

    A well-written document called the Scope of Work (SOW) is available to everybody who helped with the project's development. It is made in accordance with the project owner's concept. It assists the team in understanding what has to be done and what does not.

  • Why is a scope of work (SOW) so vital for any project?

    SOW describes in detail the work that must be done. It also aids in comprehending the resources necessary. A detailed SOW is required for a vendor to calculate the budget for the work. In a single sentence, it may be summed up as the most crucial document that must be obtained before beginning any activity of the work.

  • Does expenditure analysis provide you with an accurate budget?

    If your work is fully stated, an appropriate budget will be available. However, if the task is ongoing, it is not possible to create an appropriate budget. Budgets are then generated depending on several work segments in that situation.

  • "Freelancer" or "a company" which is preferable and why?

    This question doesn't have a clear answer. If you hire "a firm," the cost of your project will undoubtedly go up since they will be in charge of everything, and all you have to do is ensure that everything is completed in accordance with the specification. However, a freelancer won't assume all responsibility; they will merely carry out their given tasks and deliver them to you, leaving you to handle all other aspects of the project. As a consequence, the overall cost of the project will be decreased.