Get a fully functional website for Rs 3000/5000. Is this feasible? Is it a scam?


There are three things to understand when developing a website.

  • The person who is providing the work.
  • The person who is taking the work.
  • On the method of work of the person who is taking the job.

A website's price is determined by the effort involved and the compensation of the person conducting the job.

First, analyze the reasons for numbers 2 and 3 -

2) The person who is taking the work - The higher the experience, the higher the salary. And the quality of the work of an experienced person is very high. So no skilled person will ever want to do high quality work at low wages. If someone behaves in that way, his experience is probably inadequate.

3) On the method of work of the person who is taking the job - The proper way to do this is to first create a beautiful website design. He has to create HTML based on that design and complete the rest of the work with the help of that HTML.

But in other way many people copy the old website by changing the image, logo, text, color and create a new looking website. In this case, the effort is much less and the time is much less. But this method is not the correct method at all.

From the above analysis it is understood that how a website is created at a low cost.

Now the question is : -
Is it something that everyone does?
Why do individuals choose this incorrect approach?

Answers to these questions can be found by analyzing the reasons for the number 1-

1) The person who is providing the work -The different words & The way work is given by the person determined so many things for the works.

  • I don't have much time, I need a website very soon.
  • I have a very small budget for the project and have to make a website within that.
  • You claim that the price is quite high, however I found it elsewhere for a considerably lesser amount.

The many varieties of words mentioned above have a major impact on the task to be done, and he completes the work using various approaches.

Finally, it can be said that a good high-quality website is never possible for 3000 / 5000 rupees for any experienced person with the proper approach. A website can never run well for long if the quality is not good. Then either the website has to be rebuilt or closed. So these kinds of advertisements can be called nothing but fraud.