Work Analysis

This is the second and very important step in any project through which accurate measurement of work is possible. After the technical analysis of the project requirements, the basic idea about the work becomes clear. The next step is to measure the work properly. Accurate measurement of work is possible only through proper analysis of work. Work analysis has many aspects and these aspects vary from project to project.

An example is given below.

Example : A travel blog website should be created where the author of the website will be written in detail and can write all his travel stories in detail and publish some pictures and videos. Those who want to comment on various experiences can definitely send their comments through a form.

The information below may be obtained by analyzing the requirement mentioned above:-

  • The website will have 5 pages. Home , About Us , Tour Blog List , Tour Blog Details and Contact Us page.
  • The website should be made through a CMS so that the website owner can publish his own content.
  • The website should have the facility to upload images and videos.
  • Each blog will have a separate link for it and it should have options to spread across different social media.
  • Submitting the form on the Contact Us page will have a thank you message and the form details will be forwarded to the blog owner.
  • The website should run successfully on mobile.
The above example is a type of work analysis. Such analysis is very important to do before any work. If any of the analysis mentioned in the example is omitted then the work will not be completed as per the requirement. Different types of work are analyzed in different ways. The clearer the analysis, the better the performance can be measured.