Technical Analysis

This is the most crucial and initial phase of every endeavor. The majority of the time, the requirements for a project arrive in the form of a brief. It can be explained in a single sentence at times, or it can be a bit more descriptive.

For simplicity of comprehension, few examples of requirements are provided below:-

  • You want to create a blog website.
  • You want to create an ecommerce website.
  • You want to create a stock management software.
  • You want to create a service-based website where users may contact you via a form and where you can save lists of phone numbers and emails for later use.

While the fundamental principle of the above example is clear, there are numerous unanswered questions.

For example -
Questions for Example 1:-

  • What is the subject of your blog?
  • How the blog will be published?
  • Will the blog publish the writing of just only yours or other peoples also?
  • How many blogs can publish per day, week or month?

Etc and many more questions like this.

Questions for Example 2:-

  • How many products will be on the website?
  • How will the products be delivered?
  • Will there be benefits of taking payments online?

Etc and many more questions like this.

It is important to find the answers to all of these questions before initiating any work. Technical analysis is the process of determining the answers to all these questions and precisely evaluating performance.