Determine Technologies

A very important decision is to determine the right technology before starting a work. The cost of any work is determined by the technology and services used. A work may require one or more technologies and services.

A small example is given below.

Example : The following technologies and services can be used to build a simple website.
  • A domain should be purchased (before buying the domain, its extension like .com .in etc. should be determined correctly)
  • A hosting will be needed - it can be shared or dedicated hosting and its Ram, Bandwidth, storage etc. must be determined properly.
  • Pick a programming language, such as PHP, ASP.NET, javascript, etc., to use while creating the application.
  • Database needs to be defined to store data.
  • It is necessary to determine the correct SMTP server for sending mail (so that the mail is not SPAM).
Determining the right technology and services helps to get an accurate idea of the cost and timing of any job. Costs and time are affected by changes in technology and services.